Allen will be the first to admit it! He’s different! With over 10,000 real estate agents in Central Indiana, he has to be! And, that’s good for you! Doing things differently helped his listings sell in 13 days and for 100% of list price in 2021.


Not only has Allen been a Fishers resident for over two decades, he's also sold over $240 million in real estate JUST IN FISHERS! In 2021, he was ranked as the #2 agent in Fishers and #3 in Hamilton County! His office is in Fishers and (317) FISHERS forwards to his cell phone. Allen's helped over 600 families in Fishers and has the market knowledge to help you set an accurate price point, assuring you won't lose valuable equity! You can find him in Fishers Magazine and on his websites, and! You can also see his FOR SALE signs in the city, but look fast because in 2021, his listings sold in only 13 days!


Most agents have one website. He owns 20. Not just any websites, but websites that are specific to some of Central Indiana’s hottest real estate markets and match exact search terms, which search engines love! Here are just the ones that are specific to Fishers:

And a few more in areas around Fishers:,,,,,,,,,,,

Why is having 20 real estate websites a useful tool and why is this a good thing for Allen’s Sellers? Because with the number of relocation buyers coming to Central Indiana, a potential buyer could see a home in Zionsville, call Allen to ask about it, only to find out it’s sold. Allen can then apprise them of similar homes for sale in Zionsville as well as others in nearby areas. Just because they contacted him about a home in one area doesn't mean they aren't open to homes in other locations. Cross selling between cities has been a great resource for helping buyers combat inventory issues. In 2021, Allen’s team helped the exact number of buyers as sellers and using multiple websites was a key tool in their success.


Anyone can leave a flyer on the kitchen island to point out the features of a home. However, if you want to build excitement, an agent has to be creative. Let’s say you have a boat dock down the street. There has a to be a better way to make sure potential buyers know about it than a sticky note! What if the basement has a full bath and bar rough-in? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if the listing agent was able to get that message across in a more exciting way than a boring poster?! You see the point….you have one shot to make an amazing impression to potential buyers. Allen uses these types of secret weapons to make his clients homes stand out from the competition!


Social media has made it very clear. Videos get much more user engagement, in some cases 10 times more! The media platforms have noticed and some are pivoting away from being heavy in photo sharing and giving more screen time to videos. Allen has embraced this and is already getting a head start! He has weekly videos answering questions on a variety of real estate topics and creates stunning videos, highlighting his luxury listings. However, his most popular videos are the ones where he pokes fun of himself, while featuring his clients’ homes. The viewers rave, while his family cringes! Here are a few of the videos Allen’s created, with one going “viral”, getting almost 3 million views! Can you guess which one it is?

The homes shown here, with the light hearted videos, sold in 5 days on average.

So, there you have it. What Allen does differently than any other agent in Fishers. Instead of just 3 things that Allen does differently, we gave you four! Already over-delivering! There are many more things that set his team apart and one phone call to him will certainly lead to more! You can also feel comfortable knowing you’re working with an agent that has lived in Fishers for over two decades and specializes in Fishers real estate. Allen has sold over $240 million in Fishers real estate during his 28 year career. In 2021, Allen was the #2 agent in Fishers, #3 in Hamilton County, and #8 in Central Indiana. His listings sold in 13 days and for 100% of list price.

Trust a neighbor and Fishers specialist when you’re ready to buy your next home or sell the current one. Call Allen Williams (317) 339-2256 or email him at